Our story

Mallorca, 2021/july

The longing for sun, sea, and ease was immense when the first vacation in 2021 finally arrived. Packed with pure excitement, sunscreen, and a lot of swimsuits. Then, on the first day at the beach, the problem arose! The uncomfortable feeling of having to peel out of a damp, tight-fitting swimsuit in a public restroom. Plus, the uneasy feeling of being naked in a public restroom! A new swimsuit was needed. One that solves the problem. However, the search, both nationally and internationally, was entirely unsuccessful! And so the idea was born. We develop a swimsuit with an innovative closure that provides its wearers with the necessary freedom that we never thought we would need!



Through innovative, high-quality, and socially responsible swimwear that allows its wearers maximum freedom, we contribute to the sustainable empowerment of women, the protection of our environment, and the awareness of social injustices.



High-quality swimwear in every size, sustainably produced with that special something: thanks to our innovative and invisible LIN VA PAI fastener, our swimsuits provide their wearers with freedom, flexibility, lightness, and security.


Our values

Our approach is to design consciously, reflect constantly, and continuously make progress. To hold ourselves accountable daily, we have defined clear values.


At LIN VA PAI, we are committed to honesty and transparency. We accept our imperfections as a company, brand and people. We admit mistakes, we are honest with our clients, our team and our partners. As founders, we trust each other 100%.


Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” We use the power of our creativity to express what we really care about. Whether in the design of our swimwear, or the development of new business areas: We think ahead and question the tried and tested. We are convinced that only with the necessary imagination can the status quo be challenged and new things be created.


Freedom is a fundamental right  to every human being on this earth. We encourage women to believe in themselves and stand up for their rights. We support our LIN VA PAI family to freely develop their talents and grow beyond themselves – with flexible working models and appreciative leadership.


We cultivate the lightness of being anew every day. We let our guard down and don’t take ourselves too seriously – but still don’t take anything lightly. We like to laugh too much, too loudly and too much to not let life get us down. We take a stand, stand up for our values and work every day to make our vision a reality.


Gratitude is a constant for us. Despite the reality we live in and the prevailing global deficits, we are hopeful optimists. We still feel privileged to put our vision into practice. We are grateful for the people who accompany us on this path, who believe in our brand and in our products.

Philosophy of the founders

We are one.

At LIN VA PAI, we share a holistic vision of empowering people through innovative, high-quality and responsible swimwear. Regardless of factors such as gender, physical limitations, skin colour, origin, dress size or sexuality. Our goal is to create access for all women* of the world to swimwear in which they can feel free, safe and completely comfortable.

As a brand, we see body acceptance as a societal issue that we would like to clean up. All women* are beautiful. Without ifs and buts. And of course especially beautiful in a swimming costume that perfectly flatters their figure.

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With LIN VA PAI we make a positive impact – socially as well as economically. Sustainability has many different dimensions for us: Production, business processes, standing. Sustainable action is not a decision, but the basis of our work.

We believe that freedom is strength and therefore consider it an integral part of our business. We have full confidence in our team, rely on flexible working hours and a “New Work” philosophy based on transparency and personal responsibility. Ethical values shape our company, we act fairly and transparently at all levels.

Ultimately, we are hopeful optimists who appreciate being able to realise our vision. We are grateful for the people we work with who believe in our brand and our products, and we look forward to working with you to bring the LIN VA PAI message to the world.

Women of the world, don’t be afraid to go your own way!

Cathrin Lindacher


Tara Paighambari


“Authentic, smart and motivated, it hardly needs more to describe Cathrin and Tara. I was allowed to work with both of them for a longer period of time and was also able to get to know and appreciate them personally. They strengthen each other and apart from all the necessary things they will have a lot of fun together, which gives us yet another description.”


On our path to sustainability, there is always more to learn, new ground to cover and endless possibilities to develop. We believe in progress, both on an individual and corporate level. We create an environment in which our fellow travellers can work productively and efficiently.rnrnWe give our teams the opportunity to act self-determined, despite being employed.rnWhether through modern working time models, trust-based working time as well as trainings and workshops for personal and professional development.rnrnHonest communication is in our company DNA, which we ensure through development discussions as well as 360º feedback.rnrnAs founders, we are approachable and work with our teams at eye level – only together we are successful.


At LIN VA PAI, we are rethinking the classic swimsuit and, as pioneers, we are striving to rethink the swimwear industry. When developing our swimming costumes, two components were particularly important to us. With our unique closure, simple but ingenious, we want to ensure that wearing a swimming costume becomes comfortable and suitable for everyday wear in the long term. Our design and the materials we use are intended to encourage the wearer, regardless of gender, physical limitations, skin colour, origin, dress size or sexuality, to feel – I am beautiful! rnrnLIN VA PAI invites customers worldwide to embark on this journey together.



The history of the swimming costume goes back to the 19th century. Since the 1950s, unfortunately, not much has changed about the classic swimming costume model. Yet the swimming costume has a major flaw that has made life difficult for us at times. And yet it could be so simple.

At last it is! With our fastening technology in the crotch area, we finally put an end to fumbling and fidgeting in narrow public and unhygienic toilet cubicles.

The development of our swimming costumes therefore required a combination of the worlds of technology and design. The cut of the LIN VA PAI swimming costumes is innovatively driven – it has extended flaps in the crotch area that are invisible when worn, into which a Velcro fastener specially developed for water sports has been integrated.

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To ensure a secure and comfortable wearing experience, the width of the upper flap was designed in such a way that the sewn-in Velcro does not cause any unpleasant friction on the inner thighs.
The shape of the Velcro was refined during several test runs until an optimal shape could be found. Based on this, a cutting die specially made for LIN VA PAI could be used.

Unlike classic bodysuits, the fastening tabs of LIN VA PAI swimming costumes do not meet at the front but at the back of the crotch area.

We help the swimming costume to finally embody what it originally stood for: freedom!

Industrial property

As a pioneer in the market for crotch closures for swimming costumes, a design protection was registered for the European Union. This design protection allows LIN VA PAI to issue licences.



LIN VA PAI stands for responsible and sustainable action. We are grateful to our environment and treat its resources with respect.

When choosing our materials, we make every decision consciously. That is why we use the most sustainable fabrics and the highest quality fastening for our swimming costumes. Our goal is to ensure that our customers enjoy their swimming costumes for a long time and help shape positive change throughout the value chain.


For our LIN VA PAI swimming costumes, special attention was paid to the selection of synthetic fabrics, so that they are produced from recycled and vegan materials within Europe. Because we know that responsible swimwear does not exclude the aspects of comfort and beautiful design.


The upper and lower fabric used are made of ECONYL® yarn. Thanks to the ECONYL® Regeneration System, nylon waste, otherwise polluting the Earth, is transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. It’s exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again. That means you can create new products and buy new products without having to use new resources.


The velcro fastener, which is specially produced for water sports in Germany, is made of polyamide. During the development of the LIN VA PAI swimming costumes, care was taken to ensure that the velcro used is resistant to chlorine and salt water. The Velcro has a very high tensile force to prevent the fastener from popping open when worn. In order to ensure a comfortable wearing experience, a special die was specially made.



Sustainability is no longer a unique selling point for LIN VA PAI. Rather, it is a matter of course for us to act sustainably, on an ecological, social and societal level.

Ecological level

As a company in the textile industry, it is obligatory for us at LIN VA PAI to leave a green footprint. Be it in materials, choice of production site, delivery routes or our packaging. We celebrate how far we have come and we recognise how far we still have to go.

Community level

As an employer, we create a place for our teams where they can develop and work efficiently and productively. We offer modern working time models, pay above-average salaries, grant 33 days of holiday and offer various opportunities for professional and personal development. When selecting our external vendors and suppliers, we make sure that they can work under fair and appropriate conditions.

Social level

We don’t let ourselves be stopped when it comes to supporting other women to contribute themselves and their way of thinking. At LIN VA PAI, this happens on two levels: On the product level, we continue to think about products that are already on the market, always from the perspective of “What needs do women have in the 21st century? On a personal level, it is our concern to share our experiences with other women founders. We are firmly convinced that this is the only way to develop promising synergies.



We only work with trusted and certified production partners. They have the same sustainable goals as we do and show this by constantly working to reduce their ecological footprint. Our sewing factories in Portugal produce fairly according to ethical and ecological criteria. We also ensure that there is no child or forced labour in our production facilities.

For the development and production coordination of our LIN VA PAI swimming costumes, we work together with the production agency Good Garment Collective (GGC) from Berlin. GGC specialises in sustainable, transparent production processes and supports us in defining the right measures within our internal production processes.

Good Garment Collective
Gneisenaustraße 53 A
10961 Berlin


The meeting of sustainability and design is visible in the LIN VA PAI packaging. We do without unnecessary materials, because less is more. To offer our customers real added value with our packaging, we have put the icing on the cake. With every purchase of a LIN VA PAI swimsuit we give away a specially designed wetbag “The freedom you didn’t know you needed.” The LIN VA PAI Wetbag convinces with best quality from controlled production in Italy. It is water-repellent, breathable, recyclable and has a modern design. Versatile and durable, it can be used for a wet swimsuit or as an inner bag for your handbag.