Our Berlin-based label for innovative swimsuits is setting new standards. Inspired by nature and our passion for the simplicity of life. Developed in Germany and manufactured in Europe while adhering to ethical standards and fair working conditions. Yet, the real uniqueness lies in the detail: Our innovative closure, discreetly integrated into the crotch area, offers the wearer unprecedented freedom.

What makes our LIN VA PAI swimsuit unique?

The LIN VA PAI Velcro – A functionality like never before!

Our mission is to develop swimsuits that meet the demands of modern women in the 21st century by uniquely combining technology and design.

Our LIN VA PAI Body swimsuits not only look good, but also offer you unprecedented freedom.

The innovation lies in the unique and internationally protected design of our cuts. We have integrated extended flaps in the crotch area that remain invisible when worn. These flaps house a specially designed Velcro closure for water sports, providing you with the highest level of security and comfort. Numerous tests have shown that our LIN VA PAI Velcro closure is not only easy to handle, but also only opens when you want it to.

Discover the revolution in swimwear with LIN VA PAI and experience how our swimsuits give you a new sense of freedom.

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Collection 2024


Sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective to see all the possibilities. While we might typically associate a swimsuit with beach days and sunbathing, with the right angle, it becomes evident that it can be much more.

Under the banner of changing perspectives, our 2024 campaign is born. We aim not only to sell swimwear but also to raise awareness. By shifting the focus onto multifunctional garments, we demonstrate that sustainability and style can go hand in hand.

With this campaign, we strive to do justice to both sustainability and our passion for fashion. Because these two realms go hand in hand – they must go hand in hand if we are to protect our planet. It’s time to alter our view of fashion, seeing it not merely as a commodity but as an expression of our values.

International Property rights

The Lindacher & Paighambari GmbH holds the following protective rights: EU – Community Design EU 008668016-01 to 04 and EU 01513731-01 and -02 / International Patent – under the application number PCT/EP2024/056095.


is the foundation of LIN VA PAI.

Sustainability, because we love our nature.

LIN VA PAI stands for sustainability. As a start-up specializing in swimsuits, we are aware that we offer a product that relies on synthetic fiber. However, we see this as an opportunity to produce sustainably while offering our customers a high-quality product.

That’s why we have chosen to use recycled nylon as the main material for our swimsuits. Our recycled nylon fabric is made from ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated fiber made from pre and post consumer nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth like fishing nets, carpet flooring and industrial plastic rescued from all over the world discarded industrial and marine plastic. For this we work with an Italian supplier who specialized in recycling nylon and from whom we can be sure that the material is obtained sustainably. By using ECONYL® regenerated nylon, we can not only reduce the consumption of resources, but also make an important contribution to cleaning our oceans planet . Because we use plastic resources that already existed in the sea or in industry, giving it a second chance.

In production, we also ensure that all steps are as environmentally friendly and fair as possible. We work with producers we know personally and with whom we closely collaborate. This ensures that our swimsuits are produced under fair working conditions.

We are proud to offer high-quality swimsuits and have a positive impact on the environment. Our customers can enjoy their newfound freedom at the beach or pool in their LIN VA PAI swimsuit and know that their purchase actively contributes to improving the environment.