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Here you will find questions that customers often ask us about our swimwear for women and children. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, send us an email at We will be happy to help you.

Payment and shipping

So that your shopping experience at LIN VA PAI runs as smoothly as possible.
What payment methods does LIN VA PAI accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal and Klarna as payment options in our Online shop. Please note that for each payment you will first be redirected to the page of the respective payment provider to make the payment. Only after the payment has been successfully completed can we process and ship your order.

Where do you ship to?

We deliver our sustainable swimwear from our Onlineshop to you all over EU as well as to Norway, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

What are the shipping costs to my country and how long will the delivery take?

GERMANY DHL Standard GoGreen (2-3 working days) 4,90 euro

Zone 1
DHL Standard GoGreen (5-6 working days)
EU ( ca. 9€)
Non EU ( ca. 11.60 €)

Zone 2
DHL Standard GoGreen (8-9 working days)
EU ( ca. 13,40€)
Non EU ( ca. 13,40€)

Zone 3
DHL Standard GoGreen (10-12 working days)
EU ( ca. 13,40€)
Non EU ( ca. 17,20€)

How can I return my order?

Of course, we want to make sure that you are satisfied with your LIN VA PAI swimsuit, both in summer and winter. Returns are therefore possible.

If you decide to return your swimsuit, please note the following points:

  • The return is at your own expense. This means that you are responsible for the shipping costs. Please choose an insured shipping method.
  • Please ensure that the return is made within 14 days of receipt of the goods.
  • To expedite the refund process, please include the delivery note with your return and indicate why you are returning the swimsuit.
  • Please note that we can only accept returns if the swimsuits are returned in their original packaging in the LIN VA PAI wet bags.
  • Please make sure that each swimsuit for women or children is unworn, unwashed, in its original condition, and with all labels attached. This helps us conserve resources.
  • Please try on your LIN VA PAI swimsuit only with your underwear.

Once your return has been received and processed by us, we will refund the purchase price to the payment method you selected at the time of purchase.

Please send your return to the following address:

Leipziger Str. 20
14612 Falkensee

Production and Care

Things to know to enjoy your LIN VA PAI swimming costume for a long time.
Is the velcro fastener in the crotch area comfortable?

Unconditionally yes: LIN VA PAI swimsuits have that certain something that brings a completely new level of comfort to wearing them.

How does it work?

  • For our children’s and women’s swimsuits, we use only high-quality Velcro – naturally with rounded edges that do not interfere with wearing.
  • During manufacturing, we carefully embed the Velcro plates into the straps, so you won’t even notice them when wearing your swimsuit.
  • The Velcro is sewn in with such precision that our swimsuits fit comfortably: without any pressure, cutting, or rubbing.

Check it out for yourself in our swimwear shop.

How much does a LIN VA PAI swimsuit cost?

Our sustainable women’s swimsuits range in price from 169 euros to 189 euros when purchased directly from our online shop. A fairly produced LIN VA PAI children’s swimsuit costs 59 euros.

What if I can’t decide between two swimsuit models or sizes?

We’re happy to help you make a decision. On each product page in the LIN VA PAI shop, you’ll find a size recommendation table and fit tips. To find the right size, it’s best to take your current measurements.

We also provide a brief wear recommendation per design, based on various body types. We show you how to wear a LIN VA PAI swimsuit in everyday life.

For sustainability reasons, we ask that you follow our recommendations and refrain from ordering multiple sizes to try on. To allow as many customers as possible to enjoy the LIN VA PAI shopping experience, we limit orders to a maximum of 3 swimsuits per purchase. If your ordered women’s swimsuit doesn’t fit properly, please order again instead of ordering multiple sizes.

Need more help making a decision? Please email us at

What should I look for when buying a swimsuit?

When buying a swimsuit online, there are a few things to consider:

  • First, choose a model that fits your chest shape and size and provides the desired support.
  • Make sure the cut of the swimsuit fits your body shape – especially if you are curvier – so that the swimsuit accentuates your curves.
  • Measure your own body dimensions with a measuring tape.
  • On each product page in the LIN VA PAI online shop, you will find a design and size recommendation.
  • Follow our recommendations and measurements – and the new swimsuit should fit you.

Not sure? We are happy to advise you on our contact page or by email at

Does the swimsuit widen in the water?

Every swimsuit from LIN VA PAI is sewn with a stable form. Our swimsuits for women and children do not stretch out in the water, as the fabric used is specifically produced for this purpose.

Are your swimsuits suitable for surfing?

Absolutely. Our more sporty swimsuit models are perfect as fair surfwear. Since our Velcro closure was originally designed for the water sports sector, it sits perfectly during sports activities such as surfing or swimming and does not come apart even under strain.

What material are your swimsuits made of?

Our swimsuits for women and children are made of 78% ECONYL® and 22% elastane, and the Velcro fastener is made of 100% polyamide.

Every LIN VA PAI swimsuit is made of recycled material: for our self-developed designs, we use fabrics and linings made of ECONYL® fabric, which is 100% recycled nylon. It is made from discarded fishing nets and waste from the world’s oceans. By purchasing one of our swimsuits, you are doing something good for the environment.

By the way, the quality of the recycled fibers is not compromised by the recycling process. The polyamide used is even recycled to its original purity, making it just as high-quality as new polyamide.

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What should I consider when caring for the swimsuit?

If you take good care of your LIN VA PAI swimsuit, you will extend its lifespan. For this reason, we send a care guide with every order. When producing our swimwear, we value ensuring that you can enjoy it for years to come. To guarantee its longevity, we recommend that you take care of your swimsuit thoughtfully. By taking good care of your swimwear, you can reduce your ecological footprint and preserve natural resources.

Can I wash and dry my swimsuit?

Sure. We recommend a warm hand wash with mild natural soap. If necessary, you can clean the Velcro closure of your swimsuit with a toothbrush to remove fine sand from the hooks.

Attention! If you wash your swimsuit in the washing machine at 30°C, be sure to close the Velcro closure during the washing process. If it remains open, both the Velcro closure itself and the rest of the laundry in the drum will suffer.

It is best to dry your LIN VA PAI swimsuit in the shade – either on the line or flat. Avoid hot water, drying in a tumble dryer, and aggressive chemicals.

In general, only wash your women’s swimsuit as often as necessary. This is good for your swimsuit and protects the environment. Because all synthetic fibers, whether recycled or not, release tiny microplastics into the waters when washed.

At what temperature can I wash my women’s swimsuit?

All LIN VA PAI swimsuits are machine washable at 30°C. Of course, it is even gentler if you wash your swimsuit by hand. We recommend that you carefully read the care label of your swimsuit before washing it for the first time. Generally, you should wash children’s and women’s swimsuits alike infrequently and only with similar colors.

To ensure that you enjoy your LIN VA PAI swimsuit for a long time, we recommend that you do not bleach it, do not tumble dry it, do not dry clean it, and only iron it moderately hot.

How do I best care for the LIN VA PAI velcro closure?

To ensure you enjoy your LIN VA PAI swimsuit for a long time, we have compiled some tips for handling and cleaning the Velcro:

  1. Small Dirt & Lint
    For smaller dirt on the Velcro, the best way to remove it is with ordinary adhesive tape. Simply roll a piece of tape so that the sticky side is facing outwards and press it several times onto the Velcro of your swimsuit. The lint and dirt will stick to the tape.
  2. Lint
    If the lint has wound itself around individual hooks on the Velcro, a hard toothbrush is perfect for cleaning it. You can loosen the lint by brushing it out in short, strong strokes. If you don’t have a toothbrush, a nail brush can also be used to clean the closure of your swimsuit.
  3. Stubborn Lint
    Use tweezers to carefully remove individual, particularly stubborn pieces of lint from the closure of your LIN VA PAI swimsuit.
  4. Heavier Soiling
    If the lint is particularly stubborn and cannot be removed, or if the Velcro on your swimsuit generally needs a thorough cleaning, warm water, some soap, and a brush are the right choice. The soap not only cleans the Velcro, but also makes the lint nice and slippery. This makes it easier to brush out the dirt and lint from the closure of the swimsuit, whether it’s a women’s or a girl’s model.

Important: When washing your LIN VA PAI swimsuit in the washing machine, always remember to close the Velcro closure. This protects it as well as the rest of the laundry.


How your swimsuit fits right away – whether ladies or girls, women with large sizes or petite ladies.
What makes a LIN VA PAI women’s swimsuit exceptional?

To ensure that every woman feels comfortable while swimming, we have developed something special for our swimsuits: an easy-to-use Velcro closure in the crotch area that can be opened and closed in no time.

This practical feature not only enhances the bathing and wearing pleasure for women and girls but also makes our swimsuit design much more hygienic than a conventional swimsuit, especially during bathroom breaks. By the way, with every LIN VA PAI swimsuit, you can also adjust the back length using the practical Velcro closure. This function is particularly appreciated by women with particularly long or short upper bodies.

Thanks to our advantageous and inclusive design, our swimwear not only caters to slim women but also specifically created flattering swimsuits for curvy women with very feminine figures.

Why are children’s swimsuits from LIN VA PAI particularly practical?

Parents know: there’s nothing more convenient than a children’s swimsuit with a Velcro closure. This makes bathroom trips more comfortable for you as a mom or dad, as you don’t have to completely undress your child every time. The Velcro closure is especially practical when your child is wearing a swim diaper.

Even slightly older girls who can use the bathroom on their own appreciate the added independence provided by the Velcro closure in their swimsuits.

Why are LIN VA PAI swimsuits suitable for women with plus sizes?

With the needs of curvy ladies in mind, we have made every design decision for our women’s swimsuits. Our top priority is that the functionality and fit of our swimsuits work for women with plus sizes: every model is adjustable and can be individually adapted to fuller figures.

Experience has shown that it is even more difficult for curvy women to put on and take off a wet swimsuit. To make it easier for you, all LIN VA PAI swimsuits are equipped with a high-quality and practical Velcro closure in the crotch area.

Design is particularly important to us for each of our plus size swimsuits: we want that even full-bodied women have access to swimsuits in which they feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy.

What sizes do you offer?

We offer swimsuits for women in sizes 36-52.

Our children’s swimsuits are available in sizes 92-140.

Up to which cup size do you offer your swimsuits?

LIN VA PAI swimsuits do not have traditional “cup sizes”. You can wear our women’s swimsuits up to a chest circumference of 124 cm. This is possible because all our models are adjustable.

Do you want to know more? We are happy to advise you on our contact page or by email at

Which swimsuit size should I buy?

You want a new swimsuit and don’t know which size fits you at LIN VA PAI? To ensure that your new swimsuit has the perfect fit, you will find a design and size recommendation on every product page in our swimwear shop. This way you will know exactly which LIN VA PAI swimsuit to buy in which size.

Do you need more help with your decision? Feel free to send us an email at

How to measure hip circumference?

The best way to measure your hip circumference is horizontally at the widest part of your buttocks. The measuring tape should be flexible, snug but not tight, and should not dig into the skin.

You can find design and size recommendations on each product page in our online shop.

Who should wear a swimsuit?

At LIN VA PAI, we believe that a swimsuit looks good on every woman, regardless of her clothing size. The women’s swimsuit is particularly popular when it comes to fit and functionality, such as for plus-size women, mothers with young children, swimmers, surfers, or senior women.

Unfortunately, the swimsuit has been treated a bit neglectfully by fashion in recent decades and has therefore suffered from an image problem: the buzzword being “old-fashioned”. Fortunately, since 2019, younger women have been increasingly wearing swimsuits.

We believe that the trend towards (sustainable) swimsuits will continue and grow stronger. For this reason, we have combined tradition and innovation in the swimsuits from LIN VA PAI – in functionality, design, and fit.

Sustainable and Fair

We achieve great things with sustainable swimsuits – on a social, ecological, and societal level.
What does fair production & sustainability mean to you?

We aim to be a company that makes a positive impact through sustainable swimwear – both socially and economically. For us at LIN VA PAI, sustainability encompasses various dimensions, including production, business processes, and standing.

Learn more about sustainability and fairness on our “About us” page.

Where are your swimsuits manufactured?

Every sustainable swimsuit for women or children by LIN VA PAI is manufactured 100% in the EU. Our specially made Velcro for the water sports sector is produced in Germany.

What material are your sustainable swimsuits made from?

Every single swimsuit from LIN VA PAI is made sustainably from recycled materials. This applies to our fabrics, as well as our individual textures and even our linings. For example, our outer fabric is made from polyamide and elastane, which has been obtained from fishing nets and other marine plastics. This makes each LIN VA PAI swimsuit ecologically valuable.

How does LIN VA PAI ensure sustainable packaging for their swimsuits?

Each swimsuit produced by LIN VA PAI is sustainably made from recycled materials, including our fabrics, textures, and even linings. For example, our outer material is made of polyamide and elastane, which are sourced from discarded fishing nets and other marine plastics. This makes every LIN VA PAI swimsuit environmentally valuable.

How does LIN VA PAI ensure sustainability in its delivery process?

At LIN VA PAI, we also care about the environment in our supply chain. Accordingly, we keep the delivery routes between us and our suppliers short. In addition, we use GoGreen DHL, a carbon-neutral shipping method, to deliver our swimsuits sustainably.

Are your swimsuits vegan?

Our swimsuits for women and children are produced without any animal products or testing, making LIN VA PAI swimwear considered vegan. Any exceptions are clearly labeled.


Interesting facts about LIN VA PAI – to get to know us and see that we’re a good fit.
Who is LIN VA PAI?

LIN stands for Cathrin Lindacher, PAI for S. Tara Paighambari, our two co-founders. VA comes from Persian, meaning “and”. The name represents the deep connection of Cathrin and Tara to their product and their brand LIN VA PAI.

Learn more about our story!

What is the philosophy of LIN VA PAI?

“We are one”: At LIN VA PAI, we share the holistic vision of empowering people’s free development through innovative and responsible swimwear. Completely independent of factors such as gender, disability, skin color, origin, clothing size, or sexuality.

Our goal is to provide all women around the world with access to swimwear in which they can feel free, confident, and comfortable.

Learn more about our philosophy!

Why does LIN VA PAI exclusively produce swimsuits for women and girls?

For almost 70 years, the swimsuit has not been fundamentally and innovatively further developed. A conventional women’s swimsuit no longer meets the requirements that a woman has for swimwear in the 21st century. We at LIN VA PAI have taken up this challenge with our brand.

In the medium term, we will of course also bring other swimwear products to the market – just not classic bikinis.

Why do you specifically offer swimsuits for women in larger sizes?

Based on our own experience, we know that the selection of well-fitting swimsuits for women in larger sizes is not particularly convincing. Especially if the swimsuit should also look good. And let’s be honest: it should!

For us, all women are beautiful. No matter what size, skin color, or ethnicity. With our chic swimsuits in larger sizes, we want to ensure that all ladies in the world feel beautiful in their swimsuit. Especially you.

Why is body positivity so important to you as a swimsuit brand?

Whether slim or curvy, every woman has the right to feel comfortable in her body. This is easier when she actually has the opportunity to dress according to her taste – especially when it comes to choosing swimwear.

Unfortunately, even today many curvy women still face a challenge when buying their swimsuit: the selection of attractive swimsuits for women in larger sizes is rather poor.

As a brand, we see body positivity as a social issue that we would like to address. All women are beautiful, without ifs or buts. And of course, they are particularly beautiful and confident in a swimsuit that perfectly showcases their curves.

How does LIN VA PAI stand for Female Empowerment?

As women living in an industrialized country, we speak with pride about feminism and emancipation. Often, however, without really thinking about the fact that we are still discussing basic human needs in the 21st century. Seriously? We want to change that.

Personally – as well as a swimwear brand – LIN VA PAI does not exclusively stand for “female” empowerment. Rather, we want to empower all individuals in their free development. Regardless of factors such as gender, disability, skin color, origin, clothing size, religion or sexuality.